Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Gateways to the Isles

The Bay at Oban (photo from VisitScotland) is a marine gateway to Mull, the Inner and Outer Hebrides. Now Crianlarich, the rail junction for Oban, is a train gateway for CalMac services. A dedicated section on the Caledonian Sleeper to and from London Euston will link with the coaches of West Coast Services to the port. Find out more here.

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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Before and After

Sanday, in the Small Isles, has a low population, a few houses, a school, a restored church and a bridge to Canna. The infrastructure is minimal. However, its main track and has now become its first and only road. Survey through the BBC website.

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Monday, 18 June 2018

Microsoft off Orkney

It's a misty Orkney day and a gantry barge is lowering what appears to be a capsule into the water. Go to the BBC and see what's on its way down and then take in more details directly from Microsoft. Keeping the kit cool is no problem; avoiding damp in the datacentre is another thing.

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Sunday, 17 June 2018

Pipe Dreams

Of all the areas of the UK, the one with the highest incidence of surface water is North Uist. Yet there are three villages - Lochportain, Cheesebay and Hobeg - on a peninsula to the north-east of the island, looking forward to receiving their water-supply from a public mains operated by Scottish Water. At present the 30 properties there are connected by a private pipe to a nearby loch. Read about the proposed four-mile link in The Press and Journal.

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Saturday, 16 June 2018

Sky to Skye Again

Plans to re-open scheduled services to and from Ashaig Airfield, Broadford, Skye, are being considered. The popularity of the island has increased as a destination for travellers in recent years. The details are in The Press and Journal. So here's an airfield that could be upgraded to an airport.

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Friday, 15 June 2018


These approaches to South Uist give the impression of calmness. There is a timely warning, however, to those who perceive community ownership as being 'picture perfect' and 'plain sailing'. Storas Uibhist, which manages 93,000 acres on the island, has become embroiled in another row, which features on the BBC website.

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Thursday, 14 June 2018

Nice Work, If ...

There's work, jobs, careers, vocations and ... a calling. Maybe you feel instructed to find out more about the recruitment for a remarkable appointment? If so, click here.

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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

May Mating

John Kerr captured two guillemots at the beginning of the mating season on the Isle of May. Other island images feature in the current BBC's Your Pictures of Scotland.

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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Digital on Demand

Here's the cover-photograph of the July / August 2018 edition of Scottish Islands Explorer. An easy and free way to see what's on the cover and in the contents is by clicking here. If you then want to go a stage further and subscribe, it's inexpensive at under £2 for the copy or under £10 for the year. 

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Monday, 11 June 2018

Young Man of Hoy

Edward Mills has become something of a Hoy Boy in climbing the Old Man of Hoy at eight-years of age. He completed the achievement last Friday in order to raise funds for the charity Climbers Against Cancer.  The event is featured on the BBC website.

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