Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A Frequent, Far Ferry

Diurachs - the Gaelic for the inhabitants of  the Isle of Jura - have no direct link by vehicular ferry to the mainland. Their first, or on the return leg, final step must involve crossing the one kilometre of water from Feolin to Port Askaig on Islay. In bad weather the service can be prone to cancellation. However, its frequency, at approximately 30 minute intervals from 7.30 - 18.30, is high for the outlying Scottish islands. There are on the island around 200 residents, about 5000 deer, but only one designer of the magazine, Scottish Islands Explorer. Broadband links allow the swift transmission of the finished pages to its printer in Hastings. Now that's a real north-west / south-east crossing. Think of how slow all aspects of life were back in the 1740s, the time that the print (below) of the Feolin Ferry was created.

Scottish Islands Explorer - designed by a Diurach

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Richard said...

Yes - Jura has also lost the express rib from Tayvallich which ceased operation last year. I don't think the Diurachs used it at £34 for a round trip, but it did bring some much needed day trippers to the island.

Likewise the Monday and Friday service between Tobermory, Laga and Drimnin has gone the same way. Causing me havoc with my cycle touring book with lots of late edits as we get to artwork.