Monday, 23 April 2012

Fast Forward

Today marks a long wait being over - since 22 December 2011 when the A890 road between Lochcarron and the Kyle of Lochalsh was closed by rockfalls. This blockage of a key route to the islands meant a 145-mile detour for some unfortunate travellers. There was ingenuity, of course, to get around the obstacle - involving the use of the railway line, the re-introduction of the Strome ferry and, on one occasion, the use of long-distance coaches to get members of a wedding party to the church, in one direction, and to the reception, in the other. 24-hour opening of the road means that life is back to normal and the detours will become a matter of memory and a topic for conversation - just as the old Strome Ferry has become. Look at the car models in the picture below, identify them correctly and you are probably middle-aged, at least!

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David Gartside said...

Ford Pop (my first car in 1964, produced from 1953 to 1959)
2 Minis (introduced 1959), Triumph Herald (int, 1959).
Guessing the date of the photo as 1961?

Scottish Islands Explorer said...

My first cars were an old-style, 'sit-up-and-beg' Ford Prefect (sometimes called a 'Daddy Noddy') purchased in 1964; followed by a comparable Ford Popular (a 'Noddy') some three years later; a sleeker-style Prefect in the early 1970s; and then a Mini of about 1960 vintage. Then I 'graduated' to a range of larger vehicles, but have returned to Ford - with a Sierra followed by a Focus during the past 20 years.