Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Halo Effect

Maybe the Buddhist monks who reside on Holy Island, off Arran, do not aspire to have the sort of halo that the cloud effects bestow upon their island through this image. Getting there is straightforward - by a regular ferry service - although there are people who prefer a more arduous method, courtesy of the 'Lamlash Splash'. The eleventh holding of this event took place in mid-September and The Arran Banner, the local newspaper with the deepest penetrating circulation in the UK, had a video camera and commentator in attendance. "Read All About It!" as paper-sellers used to shout in the streets or, perhaps, as it should be proclaimed now, "See for Yourself!"

Scottish Islands Explorer - enabling purchasers to see for themselves

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Richard Evans said...

I took a boat to Lamlash to Holy Island with my wife in the mid 70's. It was uninhabited then apart from lighthouse keepers and a few goats - one whom head butted me-not a pleasant experience!