Sunday, 4 August 2013

Shetland Exposure

This is a red-letter day, for a discovery has been made. It is of the Shetland Exposure blog, based in Lerwick, but with a wide coverage and appeal. It's the work of Rebecca Nason whose many items speak for themselves. The herring gull, above, photographed by her in October while resting beside a red vessel in the harbour, came to the judges' attention in a 2012 national photographic competition and was placed second in the 'Natural Abstract' section. Become first among new visitors to her site today.

Rebecca is a freelance bird photographer, wildlife tour leader and ecologist, who worked on Fair Isle as an assistant warden for two years from 2003. This was in the days when Scottish Islands Explorer was a fledgling publication based there.

... and in the blue corner, above, are participants in the Up Helly Aa procession in Lerwick in January.

Scottish Islands Explorer - prospective customers in an orderly queue

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