Sunday, 26 January 2014

Census Camping

The distance between Harris and Lewis ranges from a shared boundary to a short crossing, as the above view of Mealista (Lewis) from Scarp (Harris) indicates. Mealista Island has been inhabited and the sheep fank below was probably constructed from the ruins of the homes in a small community. The nuns who lived in the House of the Old Women in Black were resident long before an official census was taken, However, when the official responsible for counting populations made a visit to the 306-acre island in 1861, there was the crew of a fishing boat from Rosehearty, Aberdeen, including a female cook, camping. They were the last recorded 'inhabitants'.

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Richard Evans said...

The island was offered for sale in 1976 at £40,000. 265 acres. The central part rises to 150' thus giving protection and shelter to the beautiful fine sandy beach on the landward side. The island of Scarp is clearly visible to the south; to the north west, the Flannan Islands- the last landfall before Newfoundland.