Sunday, 16 February 2014

Killing on Coll?

Regular readers of the blog, David and Margaret Gartside, have sent the above image of the Naval Gun on Coll. We hope that another reader can supply more information about it. The photograph below, showing the ferry terminal at Aringour in the background, was taken by Jim Fraser. There is something incongruous about military equipment appearing on one of the most peaceable of islands. The first crime ever to be reported there - the vandalising of the public toilets - took place in 2011.

Scottish Islands Explorer - has plenty within its sights


Shane Wasik said...

It's from the Nevada 2, a wreck at the NW end of the island. Recovered by divers in the early 90's.

David Gartside said...

Thanks Shane. I had assumed it was a shore defence from WW1 or WW2. The gun on Hirta, St Kilda may be the only remaining shore gun in the islands, unless anyone knows of others?