Saturday, 3 May 2014

Author, Adventurer, Aviator

The Irish Examiner was the first national newspaper to present an obituary of Daphne Pochin Mould, a geologist by training who became a prolific author, pre-eminent adventurer and pioneering aviator. She was a frequent contributor to the Cork-based paper that circulates throughout the Republic, but which is centred on Munster. Details of her life and numerous books appear in a Wikipedia entry. Her Roads from the Isles: a Study of the North-West Highland Tracks was published in 1950 and Scotland of the Saints in 1952.

Scottish Islands Explorer - a title that applies to her perfectly

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Marc Calhoun said...

I always wanted to meet her. Her 'West Over Sea' is one of the best books on the Scottish islands. In it are beautifully written descriptions of hikes made in the Uists, Harris and Lewis. I first read those stories in the early 1990s; and those amazing tales, especially her description of a walk from Meavaig (Harris) to Uig (Lewis); inspired me to follow in her footsteps through that incredible countryside.