Monday, 16 June 2014

Faray Found Again

The man-made feature on Faray (above) survives; the Old Red Sandstone (below) has a tendency to fray, creating geos and various rock formations. Two interesting points of view have surfaced since this Orkney island appeared on the blog last week. One is A Day on Faray by Eday Ranger - from a visit in May 2013 - while the other was received early this morning on the Facebook Timeline of Scottish Islands Explorer. It's by Dorothy Harcus, daughter of Faray resident, the late Jock Harcus. She has recently visited both Faray and Foula and presents some penetrating descriptions.

Scottish Islands Explorer - pleased to have introduced Faray to readers

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Richard Evans said...

Book 'Dont tell Bab' by Annie Harcus describes life on Faray & Eday.