Saturday, 12 July 2014

Inuksuk on Islay

Islay has much to offer by way of navigation and reference points, but here is a new one based on devices used by the Inuit peoples of the Arctic regions and called Inuksuk. Click on for an explanation. It is to be found at Bruichladdich, an area well documented by the Islay Blog.

Scottish Islands Explorer - a sort of literary cairn in itself


Anonymous said...

There has been an article and considerable correspondence on these stone sculptures in the 'Ileach', Islay's local newspaper which is island-produced. You do know that the so-called Islay Blog is written from Germany?

Anonymous said...

Is there a blog authored from Islay that someone can suggest. I am only aware of the 'offshore' blogs 'IslayInfo', and Armin Grewe's 'IslayBlog' (both of which I enjoy reading). It seems that sometimes outsiders love a place more than the locals.