Sunday, 21 August 2016

Long Reach

It was a long reach to take the first step on the route from North Tolsta to the Butt of Lewis, but the track never became a road. The Bridge to Nowhere is a monument to the abandoned scheme of Lord Leverhulme. The long beach at Tolsta is obviously attractive, but attracts relatively few visitors owing to its being relatively remote and on a dead end. However, North Tolsta is the first place in Scotland to trial a new hi-tech carrier of broadband - Long Reach VDSL - to bring live, fast connections to some 20 homes. Read more through the BBC.

Scottish Islands Explorer - innovations evident from Buxton Press
Digital Edition: employs hi-tech methods

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David Gartside said...

Have a look on Google or similar maps and you can see the full line of the proposed road all the way to The Butt. Looks as if the drainage ditches were dug before the scheme was abandoned. Would make a remote but very interesting walk.