Sunday, 30 October 2016

29 Years / 2000 Days

For those interested in island exploration, remote places, young adventurers and a fascinating glimpse of social history, go to the website of the Schools Hebridean Society which existed for 29 successive years from 1961 - 1990. Above is a photograph of its camp at Rhenigidale, North Harris, in 1974 and below of the same village two years later, still 13 years from having access to the rest of the island by road.

The three decades in which well over a hundred camps and expeditions were organised (on such islands as Harris, the Uists, Raasay, Jura, Rum, South Rona and Mingulay) gave many boys and girls the opportunity to experience something remarkable. This edition of the blog marks the 2000th consecutive day on which it has appeared. We hope that it, too, has created opportunities, revealed experiences and presented many remarkable events, people and places. All we ask is that you, please, pass it on by sending the link to someone you know who could be interested.

Scottish Islands Explorer - attempts similar stimulation
Digital Edition: it's available worldwide at under a tenner


glacio said...

Well done John for your continuous "breaking news" of the best parts of the UK. I look forward to starting my day by reading your blogs each day for the next 2000.

David & Margaret Gartside said...

Thanks John. Your blog is a welcome part of my morning self-briefing. Always enjoyable.