Saturday, 25 February 2017

Take (Bus) Shelter

Waiting patiently, at least with clear skies above, is a would-be passenger by the bus shelter at King's Cross, Arran. Her feelings are unknown while those of Laurence Dodds (below) are clearly presented in his Daily Telegraph piece - In Praise of Rural Bus Shelters. He considers many aspects of these often forgotten constructions - having frequently used this one between Lamlash and Whiting Bay. In order to experience something of it yourself, especially after reading his article, go on to Google Street View. A moribund-looking feature comes alive.

Scottish Islands Explorer - suitable as shelter reading-material
Digital Edition: even better when on a waterproof device

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John Kirk said...

This particular bus shelter is one of four in Whiting Bay, currently adorned with beautiful ‘official’ murals painted by local artist David Aitcheson. This one is called Sea History, and among other things it features Robert the Bruce and King Hakon of Norway.

Surely a great way to brighten up old concrete bus shelters?