Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Ro-Ro Ratios

The MV Snolda that serves Papa Stour has relatively limited space , although not that much custom to and from this Shetland outlier.. What is the smallest vessel - and number of vehicles carried - that provides a roll-on, roll-off service in the Scottish islands?

Scottish Islands Explorer - tries to cover much ground


Anonymous said...

Andy Strangeway suggests that Wyre, in the Orkney group, be considered; Canna or Rum with its 'dirt tracks' be measured; or the Isle of Ewe, with a ferry that could carry a car, be assessed. Any further ideas, please?

Anonymous said...

I know that it's not exactly on an island, but the road to Cape Wrath across the moors of The Parph is some eleven miles long, metalled ... and completely cut off by the Kyle of Durness. How do they get the minibus there for the seasonal trips to the lighthouse and cafe?

Anonymous said...

They float it across on a raft! See

Anonymous said...

It depends if you include the track to Culla Voe! If you do, then I reckon Muck has less road than Papa Stour.

David Hoult