Friday, 12 August 2011

Home for a Gnome?

On Hoy, Orkney, there's a Neolithic burial chamber that's called Dwarfie's Stane. It was, allegedly, the home of a troll. However, other legends indicated that it was contested between a giant with a large wife and a rival man of gargantuan dimensions. It is considered to have been a rock deposited by a glacier and then worked on by Early Man. The interior has been hewn by hand and is the only example of a rock-cut tomb in Britain It's worth a traipse across the moor.

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Richard Evans said...

Its a little gnome fact that Merstham Nr Redhill Surrey was turning out 70,000 gnomes a year in the 1980's. Some of the original molds are still in existence and gnomes are being produced again in East Sussex to the delight of the public.

Scottish Islands Explorer said...

I was rather hoping that during the 30 years - one generation on - from the 1980s, the 'delight' of the public would have turned to 'dismay'.