Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Fell 133 Feet Short

When Sir Hugh Munro classified the peaks of Scottish mountains, he chose 3000' as entry level. Goat Fell on Arran fell 133' short of that height. Would it have been that tad taller, think of the additional visitors Arran would have attracted over the years - the Munro-baggers, in particular. However, climbing to the summit does provide views of distant Ireland.

Scottish Islands Explorer - aims to be that little higher in circulation


John Kirk said...

Goatfell must have grown, because the last time I stood on the top, it was STILL 2,866ft. That makes it 134 ft short of a Munro, not the reported 33ft!

John Kirk

John Kirk said...

I see you have altered the original post from 33ft to 133ft. (it should be 134ft….) following my comment. BUT, you have neglected to mention the correction, and now, if anyone clicks on ‘Show Original Post’ it says 133ft, and NOT the original 33ft., which makes my comment look rather stupid doesn’t it?

Anonymous said...

My apologies to you, John, for not having had the coutesy to acknowledge my error and amendment. I have been travelling to, around and from Arran on limited internet connections. I am always grateful to people who post comments - for such support is encouraging.