Friday, 31 January 2014

Discount and Premium

There's much to be said for hostelling and one factor is that a discount price will buy a premium product, sociability. Where better to sample this than the Raasay Hostel some two miles from the ferry terminal and with commanding views. The details are here on the SYHA site.

Scottish Islands Explorer - tries to be a value-for-money product


David & Margaret Gartside said...

The hostel is currently for sale at £175,000. It will be a pity to lose it. Stayed about 20 years ago and the voluntary wardenthen spent his summers on Raasay and his winers in India. He was a most charming host.

Anonymous said...

Another shocking decision from SYHA - and Tobermory hostel has closed too. What is going on? Let's hope the island can buy it and keep it going as a community run facility. I once wrote to SYHA about a closure and got an abrupt unhelpful reply.