Friday, 7 February 2014

Top Ten to Treasure

Richard Clubley, an island-enthusiast and regular contributor to the magazine, has submitted his top ten memories to treasure. Please feel free to supply yours. 

Camping at Ulva Ferry, Mull with the full moon illuminating the Gribun cliff
Exploring Staffa for the first time
Landing on St Kilda from a wood hulled sailing boat
Staying in the school house, Mingulay and having visit from a Barra school party
Birding on Fair Isle and getting eleven life ticks
Exploring Iona and feeling the peace
Running the 8 miles round the road circuit on Colonsay.
Exploring Arran, in 1959 aged 8, and going to the cinema, in a tent, in a field
Staying in Kinloch Castle, Rum with Bev, then crossing to Eigg 
Staying in a cottage on Tiree, then sailing home between winter gales

Scottish Islands Explorer - in your top ten magazine selection?


Derek Fogg said...

So many to choose from but I will start with Huisinis on North Harris and the walk along Traigh Mheilein to Loch na Cleabhaig and back of course. Very fortunate with the weather.

David & Margaret Gartside said...

A very good top 10, Richard. We would omit Mingulay and Fair Isle, only because we have not been to them. We substitute venison pie at the bay window table of the Jura Hotel, and the plane landing at Barra Airport. We would also substitute Coll for Tiree, for Coll's wildness and the RSPB reserve at the south end. Corncrakes galore! An interesting exercise - any more offers?

Unknown said...

The first time on a Scottish island with a group of friends and negotiating single line traffic in Lewis at night

Climbing the Sgurr on Eigg and witnessing that fantastic view of Rum

Having a first summer trip to an island, the island in question Barra and enjoying two weeks of sunshine

Cycling up and over eriskay onto the causeway into South Uist in glorious sunshine

Battling wind and rain to get to see Muckle Flucka and enjoying a pint in the northern pub in the UK

Getting to know Angus on Coll after hiring bikes, gave us some tips on where to go on the island

Seeing puffins for the first time and great skewers on Mingulay

Being the only visitors to Canna for a week and enjoying a gale strewn week in front of the fire

Staying in Calgary Castle on Mull and climbing above the clouds on Ben More with 18 other keen island baggers

Finding Happy Valley and having a lovely picnic on Tiree

So many more memory’s in the brain……..and more to come!!

Unknown said...
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