Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Happy Landings

We return to the Out Skerries Airport for the third time in consecutive days, in the company of Helen Iliffe-Adsett. She provided this account on Facebook yesterday: 

'We've flown in and out of Skerries several times. Although there's never been an incident we came close once with a full plane and almost no breeze- the pilot needs a head wind to get lift, and I was in the front watching the end of the runway and the sea getting closer and closer! He eventually pulled up at what seemed like the last second but had probably about 30ft to spare which is a lot in these circumstances. If the weight is too much and no wind the passenger load has to be split otherwise he won't reach enough speed and lift in the runway length. There is the sea at one and a hill at the other neither of which we wish to make contact with. The procedure involves half the passengers are taken to the nearest island of Whalsey where the runway is longer, drop them off, go back for the rest then pick up his first drop on the way to Tingwall on the mainland. We volunteer quite often to be dropped at Whalsey. The wildlife nearby is worth watching and there's a club there where you can get a drink. One day there was a wedding reception in the club and we were invited in and given drinks while we waited. Oh the memories! And I take my hat off to all the guys who fly in and out of these islands. They do a fantastic job often under difficult circumstances. Good work and thank you!'

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