Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Da Voar Redd Up

The Norse word for 'Spring' is 'Voar' and the Shetland term 'Da Voar Redd Up' means 'The Spring Clean Up'. See Shetland News for the details of next weekend's environmental event, now organised for mass participation, that is taking place for the 28th time. It must be the the most popular tidy-up of its type in Britain with almost a fifth of the local community taking part. The photograph below is of personnel from RAF Saxa Vord taking part in either 1995 or '96. This was a radar station where early operations started in 1945, a permanent base established in 1957 and closure some 20 years later. It was 'tidied up' and is now the interesting and inviting Saxa Vord Resort..

Scottish Islands Explorer - will participate in its own way
Digital Edition: consider if tidying up your in-flow of printed publications

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