Thursday, 14 July 2016

Fish Food Float

A new feed barge for carrying supplies to the fish farms in Loch Seaforth (below) was handed over to Marine Harvest Scotland last week. It carries some 450 tonnes of feed. Another, able to to hold 320 tonnes, will soon be in operation in Loch Stulaidghll. These craft, featured in the Stornoway Gazette, have been designed to work in remote places, but I need assistance to locate Loch Stulaidghll on the map as well as to pronounce its name. Please help!

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David Gartside said...

Good puzzle John. I have tried everything but yhis Loch remains elusive. Nearest I can get is 'Western Isles', but I cannot narrow further. No internet info. I am currently in Spain and can consult my Bartholemews maps when I return to UK, but that will not be until 1st Aug. Let me know if you do solve the mystery please.