Thursday, 9 March 2017

House of Peace

In last weekend's Financial Times, Merryn Somerset Webb considered the ups and downs of owning a Scottish island. She concluded that if you were still interested it may be worth considering the House of Peace on the islet of Valasay, (above) off the island of Great Bernera, in turn off the Isle of Lewis. So take the first step here - by looking at a Country Living article and then, for the full details, go to the website of estate agents, CKD Galbraith. The Weekend Edition of the FT costs £3.80; the House of Peace could be yours for a little over £310k.

Scottish Islands Explorer - sells in newsagents at £3.95 per issue
Digital Edition: yours for £9.99 for six issues

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Kenny MacLeod said...

This is our wee Cottage nearest the bridge �� Www.valasay