Monday, 3 April 2017

The Aye Life

The How to Spend It supplement with the Weekend FT certainly knows how to fire fantasies. Its recent feature, The Aye Life, considers upmarket properties and places to stay in the Highlands,

such as Corrour Lodge, of a modern design in granite by its lake with a dining room that is, to say the least, sumptuous. If your wallet or inclinations do not extend to this type of Palace of Isolation, then consider what is offered by the ...

... Loch Ossian Youth Hostel. It is run by the SYHA and shares the same remote railway station as the Lodge. However, its dining room facility would seem to encourage greater sociability.

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Seumas Morrison said...

Aye indeed, very aye! Just priced Corrour Lodge for a large family do in late Oct after seeing it on this blog - a jaw dropping £21k for 3 days!!! I wasn't expecting a bargain, but neither was I expecting that!