Sunday, 5 November 2017

Click for Cash

The Islands Book Trust has a purpose - to discover and share the history of Scotland's island communities. It arranges meetings and lectures, publishes books and papers, organises events and trips - including ones to the Shiant Islands, pictured above. The Trust is keen to benefit from the generous scheme of the Aviva Community Fund hoping to raise £1000 for its 2018 Programme. One thousand votes are needed and, so far, 252 have been given. Please use your ten votes to help reach that total. Some 2000 blog-watchers will access this page; some 200 will scrutinise it; perhaps some 20 will go a little further and cast votes to almost double the total secured so far? Click here.

Scottish Islands Explorer - discovers and shares
Digital Edition: raises revenue electronically

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David & Margaret GARTSIDE said...

Done 👍