Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Sir Basil Neven-Spence

Uyea is 507 acres in extent, close to the east side of Unst and was recorded as having 12 inhabitants in the 1931 Census. It was owned by the Neven-Spence family who occupied The Hall. The Liberal Party dominated local elections lections during modern times until, in 1935,the Unionist candidate,  

Basil Neven-Spence (1888-1974), comfortably won the Orkney and Shetland seat with a 15% majority. He scraped home by 329 votes in 1945, but lost, in 1950, to Jo Grimond, who subsequently became the Liberal Party's leader and had initially gained the seat also with a 15% majority. Sir Basil (pictured below in 1969) was knighted in 1945 and served as Lord Lieutenant from 1952 - 63. He had lived on Uyea.

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