Monday, 30 July 2018

A Successful Resolution

David Dawson wrote this about the MV Priscilla featured here on Saturday: 'She should now be in Silloth, after being successfully refloated last Thursday evening, following half her cargo being offloaded into a barge alongside.Towed into Scapa Flow where divers inspected her hull. Slight damage but not anything that affected her integrity. The incident is nothing short of miraculous, given that a week of entirely flat calm conditions in the Firth (even in summer) is very uncommon. Paradoxically, had the conditions been choppier at the time of grounding it is thought unlikely that she would have run aground as the sea breaking over the skerry would have indicated the rock just under the surface. A successful resolution all round!' 

The grounding of the vessel was not on the Pentland Skerries, but near Lother Rock (above) off Brough Ness, South Ronaldsay.

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