Saturday, 1 September 2018

Old Scottish Shortwool

Jane Cooper lives in Rendall, Orkney, and maintains a flock of 56 of the rarest British breed of sheep, the Old Scottish Shortwool. Full details are in The Orkney News. When the St Kildans were living on the island of Hirta, they once a year tended the sheep on nearby Boreray. These were almost the last of a virtually extinct breed and were left unattended after the evacuation of 1930. A comparable group from Assynt, on the mainland, were moved to Orkney where they now thrive. 

This bothy on Boreray was photographed by 'the campaigner and adventure sleeper' - Andy Strangeway - when he visited the island. It must have sheltered the men and boys of Hirta who went there on the annual outings.

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