Sunday, 19 June 2011

Boreray For Tenacity

The isolated St Kilda group was thought to have only one island on which humans had ever settled, Hirta. Archaeologists have now suggested that Boreray (above), its near neighbour some four miles away, once had a colony of  permanent residents. Life here must have been on the shores of survival and the edges of existence, as suggested by the image below. Read more of the old Boreray.

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Scottish Islands Explorer said...

Generations which spent time hanging onto, and around, their parents' places of settlement were, I suppose, people with low expectations when it came to matters of lifestyle. What would life have been like on Boreray?

David Gartside said...

Have visited the island but we were not permitted to land. Anyone have any info on the ruined fortlet wall at the seaward end of Dun? Has there ever been an archaelogical examination of it?