Friday, 1 July 2011

A Name to Conjure With

Daphne Desiree Charlotte Pochin Mould wrote a number of books on her passions - geology, Scotland, the Outer Hebrides and Roman Catholicism. Reprints of her work are still available, including West Over Sea - referred to by Across the Minch in a Comment on the blog Postal Outposts. The ways in which people venture into territories unknown to them make compelling subjects in themselves.

Scottish Islands Explorer - venturing far


Scottish Islands Explorer said...

Daphne Pochin Mould, born 1920, moved to mid-Cork in 1951 and was still writing professionaly on her 90th birthday, last November.

Anonymous said...

I've admired her for over 40 years. She stayed in a medieval beehive on the remote Irish island of Skellig Michael, frequented by Shearwaters & petrels, "who flapped their wings began a chuckling conversation before the whole rock fell silent again and it would soon be dawn again".
Richard Evans

Anonymous said...

An accomplished pilot and photographer who thought her plane flying over the Blasket islands off the west coast of Ireland was on fire and where could she ditch, only to find it was an optical illusion-from the glint of the sea and the sun on the metal cabin floor.