Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Postal Outposts

This image 'Towards Hamnaway' comes from the 'back of beyond' at the south-west extremities of the Isle of Lewis. Postmen used to serve the few settlements in these parts and Calum Macaskill, who retired in 1949, walked 42 miles a week during his 47 years delivering, at first, to Hamnaway, and then for many years to Luachair, Kinlochresort and Morsgail Lodge.

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Anonymous said...

I have a book from the 1930's West Over Sea by (Miss)DCC Pochin Mould who walked alone from Miavaig in Harris to Hamnaway. From the vividness of her description, I think it entirely possible to trace her route fairly closely despite there being no paths once past Kinlochresort. It's an area with lots of beehive dwellings which are a bit of a passion.

Scottish Islands Explorer said...

While editing the September / October issue of the magazine, I came across some interesting references to Aird Bheag which is across the loch from Hamnaway. Anyone know anything about the place?