Saturday, 4 June 2011

An Island Given Away

Thursday's blog was a feature on the island of Taransay, with its price tag of £2 million. The image above is of John Lorne Campbell (1906 - 96), a man who declined to sell his island. It was Canna, the most westerly of the Small Isles, and the subject of Ray Perman's book, The Man Who Gave Away His Island. One click and you are there for the story, sights and sounds of a place where a farmer, environmentalist and Gaelic scholar showed generosity of spirit.

Scottish Islands Explorer - worth looking into


Mike Merchant said...

John Lorne Campbell is mentioned in Compton Mackenzie's "The Rival Monster" (1952) -- maybe the only real person referred in a hilarious and kindly tale. This post made me look him up and it turns out that he and CMcK worked together on various island projects. JLC's wife Margaret Fay Shaw I always remember from a 100th-birthday photo in the S Uist museum: fag in hand, dram on the arm of her chair!

Ray Perman said...

Delighted to find this mention of my book, sorry it has taken me so long to say thank you!

Also, Mike Merchant's comment stirred interest on my Facebook page and prompted contact with Kildonan Museum on South Uist, they have a great collection of Margaret Fay Shaw's photographs (including her 100th birthday).

Interesting to see Compton Mackenzie connection too, especially with Whisky Galore doing the rounds again.

Thanks again and best wishes