Monday, 17 October 2011

The First Drops

You may have drained the last drop from a bottle this weekend. Some of those attending the Royal National Mod in Stornoway last Friday will have had the first drops from the three-year-old single malt supply produced by the relatively new distillery on the Isle of Lewis, Abhain Dearg. It's right out at Uig and so the supply had to travel quite a way across the island even to reach the centre of Mod activities. The spirit is 46% proof and just 2011 bottles have been produced to mark the occasion. The full story appears in HeraldScotland and so try to acquire a dram now while supplies last. The picture below, of an earlier blend, implies drinks all round. The next cask, of single malt, may take a couple of years to come around.

Scottish Islands Explorer - cheers, when it appears


Anonymous said...

Very interesting dram too - more like a highland malt than an island malt. And while I really don't blame Marko for pricing it at £150 a bottle, I shall be sticking with the 'Laddy

Scottish Islands Explorer said...

Bruichladdich Laddie from Islay is apparently retailing at around £33 a bottle. So that puts the Lewis brew in the selling stratosphere. However, Marko must know his mark up.