Monday, 10 October 2011

Log-books On-line

This Old Schoolhouse on Mingulay closed in April 1910. Within two years the island had been completely evacuated and some 2000 years of continuous human settlement ended. Some 20 years later St Kilda was evacuated and its school abandoned. However, the school log-books were retained and have recently been made available on-line. Details are available through Am Paipear, the community newspaper of the Uists.

Scottish Islands Explorer - each issue stored at the British Library


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Richard Evans said...

I have a copy of the South Faray (Now Fara) Side School Log 1920-1939. Comments such as: Attendance perfect, 4 pupils, 10 cwts coal arrived, George Mckay 1 hour late, no excuse; school closed owing to severe storm & rain, a day's holiday in honour of King's Jubilee 18th April 1935, cold and sickness causes of poor attendance.