Monday, 5 March 2012

Origins of the 300

This is Balfour Castle, built on Shapinsay in the mid-19th Century, but deliberately conveying the look of a fortified building of the Middle Ages. The 2001 Census showed that this Orkney island had a population of 300. The origins of these residents were analysed. 'Of the island's 300 inhabitants, 283 were born in the United Kingdom (227 in Scotland and 56 in England). Seventeen were born outside the United Kingdom (four elsewhere in Europe, four in Asia, four in North America, one in South America and four in Oceania).'

This is the 300th item on the blog and the breakdown of the origins of our visitors will be analysed tomorrow. In the meantime do tell others about our existence. Some days we attract over a hundred people - there were 126 yesterday - and it is very rare for there to be under 50 who come on board for a daily 'island fix'.

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Caroline Gill said...

Many congratulations on the success of your wonderful blog!