Thursday, 22 March 2012

Transported to the Past

Richard Evans has sent in another compelling item and an image that is courtesy of Archie Dix. 'From 1965 the crossing of nine miles from Leverburgh on Harris to Cul-Beinn-a-Chaolais Jetty on North Uist was made with a Hillman Minx in the fishing boat, the Concord, 26' long and not as wide as the car's length. It was driven on with bounced assistance and closed eyes!  The cost of taking the car to Uist, and back to Berneray, was a tentatively asked - "Will a fiver be too much?" Unbelievable nowadays.'

Scottish Islands Explorer - still less than that car-ferry fare-request!


Richard Evans said...

It reminds me of my car suffering a puncture in deepest Norfolk in 1970's. I had no jack or spare tyre & no tools. An agricultural mechanic attended my car on a Sunday, removed the wheel away and repaired it and I still had change from a £5 note. Unheard of? Not it seems from the previous story.

John Kirk said...

This reminds me of my second visit to Berneray in the late 60s when my dear pal Archie Dix, and the ferry man at the time Donald Angus, offered to take my car, a Volvo P1800S, over to Berneray from North Uist in just this manner!!! I politely declined and left it at North Uist.