Monday, 21 May 2012

Pray For or Prey On?

This bullaun stone has been discovered on Canna. It probably has a long history, outlined in a Scotland on Sunday item from yesterday's edition. These stones were turned to create hollows by the faithful when they said prayers. When their thoughts were less than benign and they cursed others, they tended to grind the stones vigorously. This stone, found in the ancient graveyard, fitted into the socket of a larger one located near the Canna Cross.

Scottish Islands Explorer - production is usually a benign business

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Mavis Gulliver said...

This is interesting - while on Colonsay we were looking at hollows for grinding grain,and for holding bait for fishing - (and think of all those cup and ring marks). I'm wondering if the same - or a similar stone was kept, or used for these purposes as well.