Friday, 4 May 2012

Vital Returns from Vallay

When crossing to Vallay, off North Uist, care is needed to ensure that the route is sound and that the tides favour a return sooner rather than later. Many enjoy the walk (or drive) across the sands to the island, especially at this time of year when the machair flowers, but there is something of a frisson about a place where residence was until quite recently on a grand scale. Read the blog entry, available here, about Vallay and learn something of its history. The photo below was sent in by Richard Evans and is of a distinctive house on the North Uist 'mainland' beside the Vallay Strand. His suggestion of using John Bulmer's image of the brothers on Taransay led to 175 visits to this blog yesterday, a recent record.

Scottish Islands Explorer - looks forward to publishing on a grand scale

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