Saturday, 18 August 2012

Discount or Premium?

Should island properties, such as Shuna in Loch Linnhe, be offered at premium prices because they are special, or at discount rates because they are relatively inaccessible? You can judge for yourself about this seven bedroomed detached property in a detached setting. The passengers on the PS Waverley had a good position for viewing as they passed the island.

Scottish Islands Explorer - new issue now on sale in the shops at ... £3.75


Richard Evans said...

I was idly thumbing through the pages of Country Life in my lunch break and out popped Isle of Shuna for sale.I recognised it straight away, without it mentioning its name.

Anonymous said...

Recently MacKenzie Island off Islay was sold to a guy who wants to have himself and his wife buried there. No connection to Islay apart from holidays, and whether he would be allowed to be buried on the rocky island might be questioned. Shuna's a bigger island, with more possibilities, but much self-reliance and deep pockets as well as enthusiasm would be required to make anything of it.
Island life is different, but until one lives it 24/7 and 12/12, it's not possible to have the real experience. Fitting into a small community isn't everyone's idea of fun, and if people don't fit in it's just about impossible to either enjoy or endure island life.