Sunday, 10 February 2013

Up and Out at Mealista

Mealista (or Gaelic spelling: Mealasta) is a now uninhabited township at the end of a road on the Isle of Lewis. The rocky coastline continues to Lochs Tamnavay and Resort near the remote west-side boundary with Harris. It is visited by relatively few people, but many of them will look up to the skies - as  John MacLean did (above) or out to sea where Les Ellingham focused his camera. The Islands Book Trust has organised a visit to Mealista Island from Husinish (North Harris) for Saturday 3 August 2013.

Scottish Islands Explorer - looks out to sea and up to skies

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Richard Evans said...

By far the largest of the Lewis islands, Mealasta extends to 265 acres. The main central part rises to 150' this giving protection and shelter to the beautiful fine sandy beach on the landward side; situated 1 mile north west of a mainland beach. Offered for sale in 1976 @ £40,000. 21 other islands for sale at time ranging from £1,500 to £27,500