Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Where in Scotland?

This image appeared in an advertisement some 30 years ago. The buildings on the islet are out of proportion to the size of the land and we assume are superimposed rather than constructed. However, is anybody able to provide us with the place and purpose of this photograph, please?

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David & Margaret Gartside said...

The buildings have a sort of distillery look, but without some of the usual visible stills etc?
Perhaps a whisky ad - "Teachers - A Welcome Waiting".
Just an uneducated guess!

Anonymous said...

Getting oil from 2 miles down in Alaska can be easier than getting it the last 200 yards to some of our customers.

"But when our driver finds that his latest customer lives on a remote Scottish island it will take him just 2 seconds t realise his tanker can't possibly manage the last 200 yards.

There are people who might leave the customer cold".

Its a well known brand of oil with 2 letters.