Sunday, 10 March 2013

A Million Off

Properties come and go on the market but sometimes the rarer ones wait, to be assessed for their attractiveness to contemporary buyers. According to the Evening Times, the island of Ailsa Craig, 245 acres in extent, two-miles wide and 1110' high, has seen an asking-price reduction of 40% from £2.5 to £1.5 million in the past year. It is a volcanic plug that is the source for curling stones. Full details can be found on the Knight Frank website. The notice below could be more inviting with, perhaps - 'Happy Landings - Buy Up'

Scottish Islands Explorer - copies, not title, for sale


Richard Evans said...

In 1999 - 3 former lighthouse keepers houses were offered for sale-
needing refurbishment. 4 acres.
"The purchaser will need to install a generator if electricity is required"
Fixed price £80,000.

Richard Evans said...

High up on the east side is little Garra Loch which dries out in summer leaving peaty pools.