Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Back Number Bargain

The history of this magazine goes back to January 2000. Its current format of 52-pages of full colour has been existence for over ten full years. So anyone wishing to acquire the issues from that period is invited to purchase a set in fine condition - 62 copies from January / February 2003 until March / April 2013. The price, including being delivered by courier to any address within the UK, is £50. That works out at a fiver-a-year, with door-to-door service. It is now too late to apply to the Editor through the Contact Us section of Scottish Islands Explorer as someone was quick off the mark to secure this bargain at 7.45 this morning! Anyone else out there with sets of copies to sell? Then make contact with the Editor as suggested above.

Scottish Islands Explorer - currently £24.97 per year, so this was 80% off!

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