Sunday, 28 April 2013

Far from Orphir

This rural scene, with a boy on a bicycle about to start (or end) a journey, is of Orphir, Orkney. It was the birthplace of the formidable and resolute explorer, Dr John Rae (1813 - 93), whose work in Northern Canada and the North-West Passage brought him much acclaim. He will be recalled at, and, perhaps, commemorated after a meeting on Tuesday next when there will be talk of setting up a John Rae Society, some120 years after his death.

Scottish Islands Explorer - looks forward to hearing of the outcome

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Marc Calhoun said...

There is a memorable book about Rae called ‘Fatal Passage: The Untold Story of John Rae’ by Ken McGoogan. Rae’s skill in surviving arctic travel was truly amazing. Every time I fly to Scotland, as the plane flies high over the Canadian north, I think of his travels across that icy terrain. Someday I hope to make a pilgrimage to Rae Strait, where he discovered the final missing link of the elusive Northwest Passage.