Sunday, 21 April 2013

No Paper Profits

The Scottish Newspaper Society has claimed that it costs 'close to £6 per copy' to produce newspapers for sale in the Western Isles. That seems high and feelings are certainly running high about delivery times. There have been recent changes in the transporting of papers from the mainland - with most supplies now coming by CalMac ferry rather than by Loganair plane.  

Fuller details of these costs and complaints are available on three items in Hebrides News. It is understandable how later deliveries and delays leave retailers with stock on their hands - for out-of-date newspapers do not sell. In terms of monetary slang, the sum of £6 is known as a 'dead octopus' - derived from the verbal link with 'sick squid'. It applies here.

Scottish Islands Explorer - each issue has a shelf-life of eight weeks


Fiona Bird said...
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Fiona Bird said...

I get particularly irritated on a Sunday. There is something about handling the Sunday papers, online doesn't do it. Today especially - OFM

Scottish Islands Explorer said...

Could this be the case for a digital issue on a tablet via Android or Apple? If The Observer puts its Food Monthly on-line then you could, perhaps, be reading it well before Sunday breakfast instead of after Monday's evening meal.

Richard Evans said...

The Orcadian newspapers I receive are recycled. A lady in Stromness sends her papers to her aunt in Ashurst Wood, who passes them to me.