Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Answers from Auskerry

This picture, taken at dawn, of  the lighthouse at Auskerry ('the east skerries'), three miles to the south of Stronsay in Orkney, indicates both mist and mystery. The same family has lived alone on the island for 35 years, become largely self-sufficient and developed a business. Take a look at their website with details of products that are on sale as well something of the background of this venture. Ten questions about the ways of life on the island are put to the mother of the family, Teresa Probert, in an interview. Her answers reveal some of the experiences of doing things differently. The image below is of the North Ronaldsay breed of sheep and, in particular, moorit (a brown variety) wethers (castrated males) from the island.

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Richard Evans said...

Our party of 14 spent a few hours on the island in 2009 and met Teresa & husband Simon. On the boat from Kirkwall, my mobile phone and camera became water logged and useless during the rough sea crossing.