Friday, 10 May 2013

Full and ... Free?

At present, the Pentland Venture conveys passengers between Burwick, Orkney, and John O'Groats from May until September. Pentland Ferries, would like to lease the Burwick Terminal (below) and establish a full, all-year-round service. Its owner, Andrew Banks, has gone a step further and offers free use to Orkney residents if awarded the £10 million subsidy that is currently paid by the Council to Serco for operating the Stromness- Scrabster service. The details are on Orkney News Today.

Scottish Islands Explorer - yet to receive a subsidy

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Richard Evans said...

Andrew Banks bought the former pirate radio ship MV Communicator. This famous former trawler was converted to a radio ship as Laser 558 in mid 80's and broadcast in the North Sea off Clacton Essex and was a real threat to the BBC and latterly broadcast to Orkney on a temporary 3 month license as Superstation in 2004 before being sold to Mr Banks for scrap.