Monday, 2 December 2013


Two places, about a half-mile apart, never made the headlines. One is the now abandoned house at Mulhagery on the coast of The Pairc in Lewis. The Royal Mail, at one time, undertook to make deliveries there. The other is Fiar-Chreag where a Lockheed Hudson crashed in 1942. It would not, as part of war security, have been reported at the time.

Scottish Islands Explorer - has never been delivered to the house

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David Earl said...

I should imagine whoever lived at Mulhagery would pick up their own mail from Eishken by boat. I`m not sure if this was a permanent dwelling or just for the shepherds while tending flocks?

With regards to the Hudson,it is still on the accident card as missing, though this is just a clerical error, the card having never been updated. I have finished the story on this aircraft for book 2 of `LOST TO THE ISLES` which shall be published late next summer.