Monday, 27 October 2014

Extreme and At Risk

The Keil Hotel, Southend, Kintyre, is some eight miles by land beyond Campbeltown and just twelve miles by water from Antrim, Northern Ireland. It was completed in 1939, remains an impressive Art Deco building and had a different history than intended. Soon after completion it was requisitioned as a military hospital by the Royal Navy and did not fulfil its original purpose until 1947.  

That was the year of the coldest winter of the 20th Century and one when rationing of both building materials and food was evident. It is in an exposed position with sea views dominating its south side. The island of Sanda can been seen in the distance. By October 1990 it had closed, but its structure still commands attention, although it is certainly one of those Buildings at Risk.

Scottish Islands Explorer - discovered Southend and Keil earlier this year

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