Friday, 31 October 2014

Tennis on the Road

Judy Murray has visited the remote tennis court at Bunabhainneadar, Harris, in order to promote the sport for the organisation, Tennis on the Road. A full report features in the Stornoway Gazette. Some years ago, apparently, a group of children from nearby Amhuinnsuidhe rigged up a rope across the road in order to improvise a net on a court. They enjoyed playing and listening for the occasional vehicle. A wag enjoyed submitting their names for the first stages of Junior Wimbledon; the authorities were bemused; someone proposed building a court with lottery funding; and construction work took place at Bunabhainneadar. By the time the process was finished, the children in question had grown up and moved on ... either in person or interests!  However, the 'passing place' for a youthful game had, in this case, become a permanent feature.

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