Sunday, 4 September 2016

Golf, of Course

Here's the newly-manicured green of part of the Ardfin Golf Course, Jura, due to be opened later this year. Originally it was to have been a private facility, but now, perhaps, to be part of an exclusive hotel and course. The boat-house in the background (above) is a re-built version of the one where, in August 1994,  members of the K Foundation incinerated £1 million pounds in brand-new £50 notes. Read about that strange event here.

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1 comment:

David Gartside said...

Pity that the owner is insensitive to the wider public and has closed the delightful walled garden of Jura House. It was a big visitor asset to Jura. We have been deterred from visiting Jura because the garden is no longer open to us. The golf course will bring visitors and money to the island, but not quite the same for us!